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No, Yurts are glorified tents fashioned after aboriginal Mongolian structures.

You will hear the wind tapping on the tent walls, the patter of rain on the roof, the elephant seals barking at night on the shore. Because the yurts are not entirely soundproof we do remind guests and Treebones staff to keep their voices on the ‘low down’ since conversations in and around the yurts can carry! There is also a designated ‘quiet time’ of 9pm to 8am and no amplified music permitted in the yurts.

If you are the type of person who is really sensitive to extraneous noise, sorry but Treebones may not be the best place for you. While we are sure our guests will be stunned & impressed by the remote natural outdoor setting, expansive ocean & coastal views and the warmth of the staff — we cannot guarantee that you will experience absolute silence here due to the intrinsic nature of the dwellings. (PS We gladly hand out earplugs to any guests who have forgotten theirs at home).

It will take you about 1 or 2 minutes to get to the restrooms. Don’t forget to bring your flashlight.. 

Our goal is to create a wonderfully unique lodging experience for traveling couples, individuals, and small family units. The maximum number of yurts permitted to be booked by any one person is two! We will gladly recommend nearby establishments that accomodate large groups. However, our guests like what we’ve got going – just as it is. If we permitted group events it could, quite possibly, detract from the overall enjoyment of other Treebones yurters.

If you are interested in a fantastic ranch location for your group/family gathering on the central coast, we highly recommend you check out Cottontail Creak Ranch just 45 minutes south of Treebones.

 Adhering to strict occupancy limits is the Big Sur yin & yang: it is the balance between sharing Treebones with families and really small groups while maintaining the quiet, peaceful ambience our visitors have come to expect and enjoy – especially those celebrating an anniversary, a honeymoon… recovering from chemo or a personal loss..
Kids are people too!! They count as an extra person in the yurts and, remember, we only permit more than two guests in four specified yurts. 

Children over 6 years of age are welcome to visit Treebones. At this more mature age they are better able to appreciate the serenity, scenic views, and the atmosphere we are known for. In the past, families with toddlers & infants appeared to have a difficult challenge keeping youngsters entertained and quiet. The wind and weather is confusing to infants, they tend to cry more frequently here – that is why we invite only older children. Other guests will not appreciate if you choose to disregard this.

Give yourself a break and get a babysitter!

Children under 12 are NOT permitted to be left alone in the yurts.

Treebones has four yurts to accommodate families. The rest of the yurts & campsites have a strict occupancy of two guests, regardless of age.

If you visit with your older children please note that the yurts and lodge area are very “communal” in nature. It requires all guests to monitor conversations and personal activities so as to be considerate to others.

Please only book if you know your family and older children are capable of quietly entertaining themselves and will show respect for our other guests who may be here celebrating a honeymoon, or here for the quiet  and peace for other personal reasons like grief or loss.

No. It is illegal in California! The parking is not within view or ear shot of most of the yurts.
Yes! Glamping is the description used for a camping experience that has a bit of ‘glamour’ to it…like our comfy queen beds, warm comforters, restaurant and amenities nearby. 
You may be a bit chilly from time to time, that is why we recommend you pack plenty of layered clothing and warm pajamas, as if you were going camping…. All the yurts have some type of heating unit, but the intrinsic nature of the tent- like yurt causes the temperature inside the yurt to somewhat mirror the ambient temperature outside. 
We offer free wireless satellite internet in the lodge. Satellite internet will not support streaming /downloading of videos, or skype / FaceTime. Although satellite internet does typically allow for email and social media, it can some times be spotty so please come prepared to unplug as much as possible. In the case of an emergency, front desk personnel can be reached 7:30am-10:00pm at (805) 927-2390
Unfortunately there is no cell phone reception at Treebones. We do, however, have an outdoor pay phone for the convenience of our guests. 
We are 99% always mosquito free!

In September and October Treebones shares the coast with small pesky ‘kelp’ flies. These flies are actually part of an amazing yearly life-cycle that occurs nearby on the beaches. During the autumn months the kelp goes through a natural decomposition. As the kelp dies and decomposes on the shoreline, vital nutrients trickle back into the ocean where sea life feeds on it. The pesky flies also feed & breed on the kelp – and then they fly over to visit Treebones!

Rest assured! health experts confirm that the kelp flies are not considered a threat to human health in any way, but are more simply just a plain nuisance!

There are ticks on the hiking trails and in areas of dense brush. Long sleeves tops and long pants are recommended when you are hiking.

Larger creatures seldom seen often but nearby: foxes, coyotes, rabbits, owls, hawks, rattlesnakes, deer…and of course, raccoons which sometimes frequent the campsites so any food items must be well sealed and contained! 

Yes, always!!
We charge the full amount of your stay at the time you book. You are welcome to change or cancel your reservation for a $35 booking fee up to one week in advance of your arrival. Within 7 days of your arrival, there are no refunds, changes, or cancellations. 
The men’s and ladies restrooms and shower facilities are heated and are centrally located at the main lodge. From the yurts and campsites, it is about a 1 to 3 minute walk depending on which yurt you are in… Remember to bring a flashlight for trips in the middle of the night (also a good time for star gazing!)
There is a $15 corkage fee. Try our selection of wines and beer by the bottle and on tap in the Sushi Bar.