Yurt Buzzin’

A few of the kind words we have received over the years at Treebones Resort

“Good people, great place” Feb 2014, Tennessee

“…simply beautiful. A real untold haven. Thank you for the experience!” April 2014, England

“I have stayed in places all over the world but as i approach age 60 this will standout as the most ideal place. To say we loved our stay is an understatement. Kudos to the owners and the way your hard working staff seems to quietly handle and share responsibilities. What you have created here is a dream we will remember for a long time. Thanks!” -The Kringdons  

“Stargazing to the sounds of surf & sea lion cries. Treebones is etched in our souls.” -Crystal & April

“What a beautiful and enchanting hideaway! I have been lucky enough to see Treebones in the glorious sunshine for a short while but the fog makes no difference to the beauty and warmth of this place and its people .” -Teresa

“The California yurt-womb;protects us; from the wind of worry; from the mundane. We feel the surrounding peace; with every flower; Every bird song; Every surf sound. We float off the water; hovering like fog; suspended by our craving; to crawl into a simple life. We shed a layer of heaviness; and shrug into a coat; of calming warmth. ” – Susan & Ed

“Thanks for having the vision to create this tranquil, beautiful spot & for sharing it with many others.”  – Molly 

“We had a fabulous time and were really impressed with everything — from the staff to the lodge, the food to the furniture, to the ambiance and the attention to detail.” – Renee & Ted

“What a lovely place! Clean, whimsical and just beautiful — your staff is wonderful and helpful.” – Kim 

“Amazing culture you have established here. Welcoming & inviting, plus a feeling of not harming the Earth.” – Anonymous

Excerpt from National Geographic Traveler 2009 April: “Sense of Place. The hotels on our 2009 International Stay List don’t just reflect their surroundings-they help define them. What they all have in common is a transcendent vision that goes beyond traditional hotel-keeping. This mindset is what gives these hotels their special sense of place. Make no mistake: You’ll sense the vibe at one. Maybe it’s the regional architecture that speaks to you. Or a guest room resonating with history. Or local food that not only tastes great but tells a story to boot. After your stay, you’ll leave with the kind of insight only soulful places can provide. To find these hotels, Traveler tapped into the collected experiences of veteran journalists, inveterate road warriors and local experts. They based their nominations of key criteria. Is the hotel engaged with the local community? Does it subscribe to sustainable practices that respect the region? Does it truly capture the spirit of its setting? Further research and detailed questionnaires whittled hundreds of submission down to this sweet list of 129 hotels. There’s something for everyone here, from wilderness cabins to urban lairs of luxury- all authentic, purposeful places to enhance your travels.” 2009 NGT Stay List

“Up till now most of the million dollar views in Big Sur have been reserved for folks worth millions.” – Peggy Nauts San Francisco Magazine

“It’s my new favorite place on the Central Coast.” – Craig Nakano, the LA Times

“Here for our 10 year Anniversary, this was a highlight on our coastal trip! What a unique and incredible experience in nature – we feel so fortunate to find this and plan to return with our family.” Thank you again, Lisa & Richie Tannenbaum

“So relaxing and the food was so fresh. I loved it here!” Flora (Brooklyn, NY)

“The 16 yurts perched along the ridge above Highway 1 embody the natural beauty and off-the-grid living that has long characterized Big Sur.” – Bonnie Tsui, the New York Times

“Words are lacking, this place engages all your senses!” Novena (Bakersfield, CA)

“Our last vacation before baby makes three. We are so happy we stayed for a night. The dinner, the scenery, the people…all beautiful. We loved your organic garden and are inspired to get ours back on track!” Cheers, Ryan & Julia Young (Orlando, FL)

“Just a quick note to thank everyone for a really magical four days in yurt 13. It was the high point of our 40th Wedding Anniversary trip and we have told all our friends about you. Thanks so much, John & Michele, (Warwick, UK )

“You have created a sustainable paradise here on the California coast.” Many thanks & Blessings, April & Michael (Arcata, CA)